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Updated 9/29/15


Our fall carpet oval racing will start on Saturday October 3rd, 2015. Shop and Track will open at 10AM. Racing gets underway at 5 PM. The first two weeks will be "shake down" just to see what shows up. A fall points series will start on Saturday October 17th.


This annual event will take place in 2015 on Saturday November 7th and Sunday November 8th, the first full weekend of November, as usual. There will be a lot going on both days. Look for more info as we get closer. Contact us for information on this; our biggist event of the year; or on any of our racing.


Just read this myself 9/23/2015. See a lot of misspelled words. Will try to correct. Really should use spell check.

Marshall's rules meeting on Saturday September 12 th brought out quite a few drivers. Several well thought suggestions were given. I am still going over things and haven't come up with any real good answers to some of them. Also when the ballots were handed out asking the drivers to vote on several things the votes were very close and there was a tie on one very important point. . In the Super Truck class the vote for being able to use the Trinity 3.5 motor for "club" racing was yes. Only one person voted no. These motors will be OK here for club racing at least for the fall series. At that point we may ask the drivers to vote again to see if they want to extend this through the winter series.

I'm finally back. Couldn't access the web. Problem with the router. Was able to borrow something to hook me up at lest for a while. Now on to the ballots and what was voted in and what decisions we have made.

The next question on the ballot was--Change breakout class time occasionally? Yes or No answer. This was a tie. I already had voted so I don't know where to go with this one. Maybe we flip a coin on opening night?

SK Modified Class. Here we asked folks to sggest what motors, ESC, and battery would they think would be best for this class. From what I gathered from the answers of those that made suggestions was this. Any 17.5 motor--Any ESC (blinky mode) and 1 cell LiPo (SMC 4300 favored ; I think). We will go with the motor and ESC as suggested but I'm going to go with any one cell Lipo for now. Of course the SMC 4300 can be used if desired,

MudBoss Class. This new class may go here; or it may not. Time will tell. The first question asked was--Should RPM replacement parts be allowed? The vote was very close. I was amazed there was one more NO vote than YES vote. We "push" RPM to folks, especially newcomers because we don't like to see folks break on the track. Some might ask; "you sell parts, don't you?" We do, but we feel if new inexperienced drivers break stock parts too much they will get discouraged and possibly quit racing. RPM parts don't break much. The Traxxas parts may be better for experienced drivers; I don't know the answer to this but I know my own Slash has every RPM replacement part available, except for the gear case; on it. I'm nowhere near the best driver on the track, I try to avoid wrecks, but at times I'm in one. Because I run the show I don't have a lot of time to fix things. I don't know if I will race a MudBoss or not but I know if I do I would want to be able to use RPM parts on it. Also two other tracks close to us are allowing the use of the RPM parts. I'm going against the verdict here and am allowing the use of RPM parts. If I lose some drivers because of it, so be it. This is something I feel very strongly about. Again; you may stick to Traxxas parts if you desire.

The second question about the MudBoss was--Should Jaco foam tires only be used?--Here there was only one NO answer. I didn't put down the part number but I have to assume the folks know it is Jaco2055LP. No problem here. We go with this wholeheartly and will try to have them in stock at all times.

The third question about the MudBoss was--What motor and ESC should we use? The choices I put down were--12 turn Stock motor with stock Traxxas ESC-----Any 13.5 motro--any ESC--13.5 Hobbwing motor and JustStock ESC? Here again the vote was very close with one more vote for the Hobbwing setup than the Traxxas setup.No one voted for any 13.5 motor and ESC. Here is what we are going to do about this, We currently have the Hobbywing motors and ESCs on order. We have no idea when we will get them. We can usually get all the Traxxas motors and ESCs we want. At least for the fall series we are going to offer two classes for the MudBoss cars; one using the Traxxas stuff and the other using the Hobbywing stuff. We need at least three to make a class. Lets say we have a night with 6 having Hobbywing and 2 having Traxxas or the other way around. We will run them together. I have been told the Traxxas motor puts out more ponies than the Hobbywing. I'd have to see that. 

There was one more thing on the ballot. One of our drivers asked if we could allow more room between cars/trucks when lining up for the main event. We now use 3 feet. I checked things out and found out we could go to 4 feet and still start at least 8 cars; all on the back straight, The vote was for remaining at 3 feet but several drivers suggested we line up cars straight and don't allow any to start at an angle. I've always been for the "straight" start so we will try to do what the drivers want here.

There was a place on the ballot to put down suggestions. These were---Improve P.A. System---Put corner "socks" in specific location--Remove socks--Get every driver to track marshal unless physically unable to do so--and there were several written where the "straight" start was wanted. The "straight" start isn't really a problem. We will see what we can do about making the P.A. system better; perhaps trying different speakers, etc. Really don't now what to do about the socks at this time except trying to keep them in the same place.

A suggestion was made during the meeting about allowing any spec tire; not just the BSR and RJSpeed tires (also BSR) for the Legend class. I kind of "tabled" this one for the present and will not change anything.

Also another suggestion made at the meeting was to keep "off road" cars and I assume they also would include things like stadium trucks, etc. out of the Breakout  Class.  This only happened once last year. We will go along with this. Cars allowed in the Breakout class can be any pan car, 4wd touring cars., 1/12th scale, and others but no buggies, modifieds, or trucks.